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Right from the start, Led Zeppelin was never small. They cast a massive shadow. In retrospect, Led Zeppelin represented an era of rock as surely as Elvis or the Beatles. From California to Kashmir, they were the personification of power and fame for the 70's.


Yet Led Zeppelin was the most mysterious of bands. There have never been many interviews or press conferences. Led Zeppelin was, and still is today, a law unto them. The music will be around long after the myth. But you can't ignore or deny the myth that Jimmy Page made a deal with the Devil to make sure that his group got famous. And after a decade of superstardom, maybe the Devil came a callin'.


WHOLE LOTTA LED charts their 12-year flight from take off to soaring at the top to being grounded. It is the first of its kind written from a fan's perspective. And our fierce passion sets it apart from other books. It is more than just a Led Zeppelin biography - it's our story as well. Led Zeppelin provided the soundtrack to our lives through the good times and even the bad times. The musicians were our heroes to idolize and emulate, if only in our imagination. What is portrayed is the Led Zeppelin that we grew up with. Our recollections combined with other fan accounts, plus photographers' views from behind the camera, as well as Led Zeppelin in their own words.


Supplying the power to the text are the photographs. Not just your greatest hits compilation, but a stunning visual biography. It is our attempt to put into focus the memory of Led Zeppelin with new photos. Seeing is believing. The photos are moving not only for what they show, but for what they mean in the eyes and hearts of the beholder.


The untimely passing of John Bonham forced Zeppelin to a halt in September 1980. But their musical legacy and the deep affection and loyalty from their fans have propelled their legend as the eternal kings of rock into this new millennium. The fact remains that there are still millions of fans eager to know more about Led Zeppelin. So it's been a long time - over 10 years - for a new book. We can't identify with a book by a journalist or a road manager. But we can relate to a fellow fan. We feel that WHOLE LOTTA LED is a unique book for the Led Zeppelin fan.


We will never see another Led Zeppelin. They were a group of extraordinary talent. Not only was Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Robert Plant a virtuoso in his respective role, but the collective strength of the group far exceeded each individual's grasp. Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin: "One of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands in the world, one of the greatest bands in the world...that's what it means to us. I think a lot of other people, too."


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