Ralph Hulett

Ralph Hulett grew up in the Los Angeles area. His parents were both in the arts - his father a Disney background artist and renowned California watercolor painter and his mother a music and dance teacher. As Ralph saw bands like the Doors and Led Zeppelin pass through the L.A. area, rock music became a big part of his life. His photographs and articles have appeared in Relix, Goldmine and Vintage Guitar magazines and on the television programs VH 1 - Behind the Music and ABC News Downtown. He now teaches history in the Orange County area. His website which combines his passions for rock and photography is Any questions about the book should be directed to the below email address. Contact Ralph Hulett.


Jerry Prochnicky

Jerry has been researching the Led Zeppelin story for over 30 years. It was Led Zeppelin and the Doors that moved and touched him the most, and thus began a continuous and vivid emotional connection to both groups. He is also co-author of the book, BREAK ON THROUGH: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF JIM MORRISON. The New York Times ranks it as "the most objective, thorough, and professional Morrison biography yet."  He has also created a Led Zeppelin photo book detailing the band's career entitled Good Times Bad Times, to be published by Abrams in October of 2009.


Both authors live in Southern California.


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